Snow And Ice Management

How much money would your business lose if your customers, employees, or tenants could not safely access your establishment?

Is that a responsibility you’re willing to trust “part-time Bill” and his quote for $xx per hour?

We understand the importance quick response when the weather turns sour. We put forth every effort to maintain your property in a safe and passable condition during the ice and snow that Nebraska winters produce. Our customers understand that the importance of this relates directly to their bottom line.

Your employees need to be able to get to work, customers need to be able to get to your establishment, and vendors all need to access your establishment to keep it running and producing revenue!

During the winter season we are available for:

  • snow plowingsnowguage

  • salt applications

  • sand applications

  • ice melt applications on walks and driveways

  • walkway, entryway, and sidewalk snow removal

  • skid-steer loaders available to move large piles of snow

  • hauling snow off property


(Feb 2004: 36″ of snow in less than 10 days!)



(March 2007 Blizzard: 14″ of Snow)

Our current customers include retail establishments, automobile dealerships, apartment buildings, town home associations, health care facilities, industrial sites, and office buildings.