Here are just a few of the reviews that customers have left Penton Enterprises Lawn and Landscape –

Just want to give a shout out to your team. Derek was very helpful with design estimate and very great to work with. Taylor and the installation team did an excellent job. And, patient and friendly when I had questions (just general dumb questions. :))

Gayle S.

Thanks! We LOVE the paver patio and landscape!

Melissa T.

I cannot tell you enough how professional the workers were. Also they cleaned up so well, besides a wonderful looking yard you wouldn’t have know they were even there.

Tina H.

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for all you do. We wouldn’t be able to stay in our home without the winter weather clearing, landscaping, and lawn service. Today just reminded me how I don’t need to be outside shoveling “heart attack” snow again.

Bob B.

Thank you and thank you some more. We are pleased with the transformation of the back corner of the yard. You had the weather to contend with, rain & heat, and still managed to haul all the rock to the backyard. We will be recommending you to others!

Lori S.

The service you have provided to us was excellent and thank you for the time spent cleaning our yard. I will definitely recommend Penton Enterprises Lawn and Landscape to friends and family.

Cris B.

Kyle did a wonderful job building the extra rock wall to fix that steep grade. I love the rocks!

Marci & Allen T.

John, I have been meaning to tell you that the guy you taking care of my lawn is amazing. My lawn has never looked better and he cuts the sidewalk edge exactly like I want. I know that it has rained a lot and that helps the lawn grow nicely, but the work in my yard is beyond that.


We are extremely satisfied with the result and Derek and his crew are to be commended for their professionalism and attention. We are anxious to show it off. Thanks

Terry T.

Thank you so much for the hard work. We couldn’t be any more thrilled!

Wendy P.

Thanks so much for your services.

Jo J.

Thanks so much!

Douglas W.

Hi John, I just wanted to convey to you how much we love our new outside living area. I’m very impressed with all your guys meticulous attention to detail.

Sherri H.

Thank you! Looks wonderful! Worth the wait!

Crystal H.

Thank you so much. We loved our Christmas Lights. They were perfect!

Stephanie W.

John, Thanks for your speedy response. Keep up the good work. Penton’s Lawn and Landscape will be my total lawn care company from now on.

Ed M.

Thanks so much! We appreciate the great job you guys do.

Jenn K.

I am *thrilled* with the work that you did on my property. Thank you so much!

Holly I.

We had been extremely please with the landscape and lawn work you had done for us and have written a review on Angie’s List in support of your services.

Shelia M.

Thank you! Derek, Brian, and others that helped do a great job! Looks so nice. Love it!

Susan B.

Thanks for the great work!

Les L.

You guys do a great job!! Thank you!

Melissa F.

Job was very nicely done – Thank you

Mary R.

Hi John, I just wanted to convey to you how much we love our new outside living area. I’m very impressed with all your guys meticulous attention to detail.

Sherri H.

Your company did a very nice job with everything I asked for…and perfect timing…especially for the sod! You went above and beyond with laying out the sod!! You even covered parts of the yard that were barren before the tree was torn down. I am very impressed!

Mary O.

Thank you and your great working crew, they did a wonderful job.

John G.

The yard looks great!

Donna C.

Thank you for the work — everything looks great!

Laurie W.

We are very happy with the lights and the work the crew did.

Martin M.

Thank you very, very much!

Donna M.

Just a little note to say I’m very happy with your services.

John G.

Just wanted to let you know how much better I think our yard looks! I love the stone in the front, I think the color looks great with the dark brown mulch.

Kristen K.

You guys did a great job! Helped sell the house in 3 days. Appreciate it.

Matthew S.

I had no idea that you were a magician or could warp through time. Imagine my surprise when I got home and everything was complete! Yippee!

Rhonda W.

Wonderful service! Thank you very much!

Kim D.

I was very pleased with the work done.

Erick S.

Once again Mr. Penton, your services are truly outstanding!!

Jim K.

We appreciate the excellent service you continue to provide for our rental property. Thank you again for Penton Enterprises great service during the past several years!

George B.

Your company did a great job, by the way, thanks!!

Dianna C.

…The backyard looks amazing!…

Eric B.

Thanks for the hard work. The landscaping looks good!

John C.

Derek was just here to give us a bid and I am Very impressed! What a nice young man and very knowledgeable. We will contract with Penton to do our landscaping which will probably be done in three stages.

Trish N.

Hi John. It was a great pleasure meeting you today. Your knowledge is amazing and provided us with so much to consider. After looking over everything it seems very accurate. Thanks for working out the estimates.

Teresa R.

Hello, I wanted to thank you guys for the great service over the years.

Colleen C.

I wanted to thank you for such a great job. The gentlemen were very professional to work with; the job looks good and they cleaned up after themselves. Real nice work; I would be happy to provide a reference if ever needed. If we are ever in need of additional work I will be sure to call.

LeAnn F.

I am so excited that we have back for our monthly maintenance. It was getting ugly; your guys did a phenomenal job with cleanup. What a difference! Budget cuts should never be taken from landscaping; our landscaping is such an essential part of our curb appeal.

Monica T.

Thank you so much for your superior service. Our lawn was always thick, green, and weed free!

Sumalee W.

What a fantastic job! THANK YOU!

Scott A.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Amy M.

Thanks for the quick service. You guys are great!

Dwight B.

Thank you for your continued quality work at the building. I have received positive comments from residents, staff, and resident families.

LeAnn F.

….I Love the flagstone path. Super Job! It looks nice and really helps improve the backyard.

Lisa V.

Good job. We are very pleased and our building looks real good.

Bob H.

Your guys did an excellent job. They were professional and made sure everything was done how I wanted it. I will pass my recommendation to others on your service. Thank you again.

Derek R.

…we couldn’t be happier! It looks absolutely fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the guys. Awesome job! Thanks so much! It’s gorgeous! We’ll be in touch again.

Lisa H.

…Thank you for the fast service and hiring such nice men to do the work.

Margaret C.

Great job. The limestone wall looks amazing. The neighbors are impressed.

Travis C.

The wall is exactly what I had hoped for. Please tell the guys and thank them for the excellent work.

RoseAnn W.

The guys did a great job! My lawn is the BEST looking lawn on the block! Thank you very much. Please be sure to tell Dan and Ross that we are very satisfied customers.

Maureen M.

Wanted you to know that we were EXTREMELY PLEASED with the results and the professionalism of your guys. I could see as they were working that they took great pride in their work and have a fantastic attitude. Please pass my appreciation on to them.

Barry W.

Such a dramatic change with the new landscape that my husband drove right by the house and did not recognize it!

Kristin F.

Mr. Penton, what a superb job that your employees did on our landscape! They were courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks again

Jeff O.

Thanks for all the hard work and advice. The lawn is the deepest green it has ever been.

Jim K.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent lawn service that you provide. Having someone else maintain the lawn has been a great time saver for my wife and I. I know that every week our lawn will look fantastic without any effort on our part!….

D. Hawk

You definitely created some beautiful curb appeal with our new landscape.

Eric K.

Where did the weeds go?

Patrick P.

The landscape is more than we ever dreamed. Thanks for a job well done

Bob T.

The natural boulder retaining wall adds so much to the beauty of the landscape.

Theda W.

I feel like I live on an estate because of your work!

E. Johson

………please feel free to use me as a reference

Jeri H.

The curb appeal Penton Enterprises has created for our business definitely draws customers

Eric P.

Our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood.

Rob T.

…the lawn crew did a fantastic job all season long….such friendly, clean-cut, and knowledgeable employees.

Julie A.

Thanks for the great job your snow removal crew did on our property…..we appreciate the hard work.

Kenneth H.

I appreciate your responsiveness and good work. If you ever need a reference feel free to use my name.

Ned K.

By the way, we have had several gatherings here in the past month, and we have gotten many compliments on the landscaping in the front of the house. They all wanted to know who did it, so I told them!

Dan M.

Thank you for the fast service and for hiring such nice employees to do the job right.

Margaret C.

Thank you for the great service. We would be glad to recommend you to anyone.

Dorothy A.

Thank you very much. I would be more than happy to continue recommending your services if you ever need a reference.

Laura S.