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Organic Lawn Care in Papillion, NE

Penton Enterprises Lawn and Landscape Organic Lawn Care Program

Natural benefits for the beauty and safety of your home! Serving the Organic Lawn Care needs of Omaha, Papillion, La Vista, Ralston, Springfield, Gretna, Bellevue, Plattsmouth, Louisville, Springfield, Beaver Lake, Murray, & the surrounding areas!

Organic fertilizers are different from “traditional” fertilizers in that they are actually feeding the soil, as opposed to just the plant. The fertilizer provides nutrients to the soil, which the roots use to feed the plant, with the end result being a healthier lawn.

The organic fertilizer products we use contains humus and organic matter that hold nutrients and water making them available to the lawn when needed.

The key benefits that you will notice with a consistent organic fertilizer program over time will be:

  • Reduced water needs
  • Reduced lawn disease
  • Elimination of surge growth
  • Thicker lawn
  • Flower beds, trees, and shrubs will benefit with improved flower stand, bloom set, color, and intensity
  • Overall healthier lawns with stronger roots systems
  • Organic products that are extremely safe for children and pets
  • Environmental stewardship in practice
  • No leaching or run-off

Penton Enterprises Organic Lawn Care Program

Natural benefits for the beauty and safety of your home!

April – Organic and all natural homogenized fertilizer to promote balanced color and growth. Includes necessary micro-nutrients and enzymes to feed the soil. Spot treat for broadleaf weeds.

May – All natural and organic fertilizer designed to enhance plant stability. Includes all primary, secondary bio-stimulant nutrient sources and enzymes. Spot treat for broadleaf weeds.

July – Organic and natural homogenized summer fertilizer to improve overall disease management and drought tolerance. Spot treat for broadleaf weeds & yellow nutsedge.

September – Extended release organic fall fertilizer for enhanced color containing micro-nutrients for drought recovery and enzymes enhance overall soil nutrition. Spot treat for broadleaf weeds.

October thru November – Organic and natural homogenized winter fertilizer to promote strong root development, lateral growth and early spring green-up. Spot treat for broadleaf weeds.