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Lawn Fertilization in Papillion, NE, Gretna, NE & Surrounding Areas

Fertilization & Weed Control

Our Premier Lawn Care Program has been designed from our experience of many years treating lawns in our Omaha climate and specifically to address the unique lawn care needs that eastern Nebraska and Omaha present us. We realize your lawn is the first perception that the public has regarding your home or business, so proper lawn fertilization ins a necessity.

Fertilizer is “food” to the Lawn. It maintains consistent growth, color and health when the correct formulations are properly applied. Our fertilizer programs consist of only high quality, granular fertilizers. We exclusively use the more expensive, high slow release products that will give your lawn consistent growth, color, and health.

Our Premier 6 Step Lawn Care Program includes all the necessary high quality fertilizers with two applications of a broad spectrum Pre-emergence for crabgrass, foxtail and other weeds in the spring, a broadcast application to control weeds commonly found in our area lawns, and an application to control that common menace known as nutsedge (watergrass) we see each season in lawns. Also included in our lawn care program is an application of a preventive insect control during the summer to prevent the damage that can occur in late summer and early fall. During the fall and late fall, the final two fertilizer applications are rich in nutrients essential to ensure deep root growth and early spring green up of your lawn.

Customized programs are also available, tailored meet any unique lawn care situation that you may be experiencing. We’ve seen it all! There is nothing that the Penton Enterprises team has not run into when dealing with Omaha lawn care in our more than 50 years of combined experience that we can’t solve.

Penton Enterprises 6 Step Premier Lawn Care Program

Includes all the necessary fertilizer, insecticides, and weed control for a Beautiful Lawn!

1- Late March thru April – Pre-Emergent for crabgrass, foxtail, & spurge with granular extended release spring fertilizer with micro-nutrients. Treat for broadleaf weeds.

2- Mid to late Spring – Complete broadcast application to control broadleaf weeds: dandelion, clover, chickweed etc.

3- May – Pre-Emergent for crabgrass, foxtail, & spurge with granular extended release fertilizer to enhance color and promote heat stress tolerance. Treat for broadleaf weeds.

4- Late June thru July – Balanced summer fertilizer w/ sulfur, iron, and micro-nutrients to aid in heat and drought tolerance. Granular preventive insecticide for sod web worm, billibugs, and grubs. Treat for broadleaf weeds & yellow nutsedge.
*Taxable service*

5- Late August thru September – Extended release fall fertilizer w/ iron for enhanced color and micro-nutrients for drought recovery. Treat for broadleaf weeds.

6- Late October thru November – Winter fertilizer to promote strong root development, lateral growth and early spring green-up. Treat for broadleaf weeds.

Applications of additional weed control, insecticides, fertilizer, and any fungicides are extra. Soil testing services are available. For excessive Dandelions, Nutsedge, and other broadleaf weeds you will need to add an additional post-emergence weed spraying. Timing of applications and products may be adjusted for weather & soil conditions. Water is essential for the maintenance of healthy turf (1 to 1.5 inches per week).

Upgrade your Premier Lawn Care Program to include Fall Aeration and Fall Seeding!

We will use blowers to remove any fertilizer granules from concrete surfaces after each lawn care application and prominently place a yard flag letting you know that a lawn care application has been applied. Service calls are free and will be addressed within 24 hours.

As required by State and Federal Law, we are certified with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.