aerated lawn, papillion ne

Aeration is one of the most important steps in maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Aerating helps prevent soils from becoming compact, thereby allowing vital nutrients, water, and air to penetrate the soil and reach the root zone. The roots then penetrate deeper into the soil, which enables the grass to become more drought resistant. Aeration accelerates the natural breakdown of thatch, and in most cases, eliminates the needs for costly power raking services.

Due to the high clay content in Nebraska soils, aeration is necessary at least once per year (Spring or Fall) and recommended twice per year (Spring and Fall), when the lawn is actively growing, for best results. Aeration is a necessary process for a healthy lawn.

We offer aeration services only to customers enrolled into one of our lawn care programs. Sorry we do not provide one time / stand alone aerations.

1. Compact soil prevents turf from establishing a healthy root system. Adequate amounts of vital turf nutrients are unable to reach the roots.
2. Aerators relieve soil compaction by removing cores of turf up to 3 inches in depth.
3. Once the soil is aerated, air exchange improves and the soil can easily absorb water, fertilizer and other nutrients.
4. Aeration promotes deeper root growth for a lush, healthy and drought-resistant lawn.

– BlueBird International